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  • Claire Vincent

Emotionally sustainable

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

I recently went to a talk by Dave Coplin ( at the Cheltenham Science Festival. Dave has worked for many of the digital heroes: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and is a technology whizz.

I was expecting to hear about how our lives will be transformed by AI, voice activation, big data....and, yes, he didn’t disappoint. He enthused about how AI was now able to diagnose a brain tumour more effectively and precisely than a consultant. Not only does this lead to more appropriate treatment being given (....leading to improved outcomes) but it saves huge amounts of time – a consultant will typically take 5 hours to pour over the scan images to come to a diagnosis; a machine can come to a more accurate conclusion in just 30 minutes.

So, with an extra 4 ½ hours on their hands, what does a consultant do with this extra time? They could see extra patients BUT what they are choosing to do is spend more time with patients who are coming to terms with a life-changing event.

AI is giving the gift of time...allowing medics to emotionally connect with their patients by spending more time with them, making the pill just a little easier to swallow, being able to listen and respond so that people can start to make sense of what is to come.

So, as machines continue to learn and become more effective at certain tasks than us mere humans, that doesn’t have to mean that robots are taking over the world and we are left pressing buttons and swimming in data. Instead we should embrace the fact that we will be left with more time to do what humans are best at – emotionally connecting with others, ensuring the needs of others are fulfilled, improving and, for us marketeers, building rich brand experiences. Taking this thought and adding in the environmental need to buy less 'stuff', we are left with a world where life is not about the joy brought from material items but from the emotional connections we make.

As we build our capabilities in big data, precision marketing, voice activation, augmented and virtual reality (the ever changing list goes on...) and create responsible sustainable brands, we should embrace and feed the power of emotionally connecting with our customers.

Our digital world will enhance lives and sustain the planet most when accompanied with a large dose of human emotion that uses people to create magic moments.

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