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  • Claire Vincent

Being wrong is being right

Our education system teaches us that to achieve and to succeed, we have to be right. Our exam system doesn’t allow for us to say “I’ve learned something from that, I’ll do things differently next time”. It’s binary with the people who are right being the winners.

We can take this attitude into work: defending the case we present to the Board, sticking to our opinion rigidly, continuing along a path with tunnel vision, shutting out negative feedback and seeking reassurances....because to admit that we are wrong suggests failure. It’s engrained in us from an early age that being right is right.

However, if we can switch off our internal voices, leave our egos behind and be humble in our approach, it’s a wonderfully liberating experience that allows us to view brands, products, innovations with a truly open mind.

As marketeers, we need to do more listening, more learning, more looking for the wrong rather than the right to create consumer experiences that aren’t born out of our need to be right but come from our desire to bring joy into the hearts and minds of whoever comes into contact with our brands....because what they think is the only thing that matters.

If we try to be wrong more often, we might just be right.

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