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"Claire is the perfect marketing consultant, classically & digitally trained with a wealth of experience in strategy, innovation and communication yet with the agility and skill to work across both global brands and start-ups. 

Claire has the ability to work through complex problems and come up with simple solutions…always based on consumer insight and delivering against the overarching strategy.

I would like to keep her as marketing's best kept secret but I guess I can't be that selfish..."

What people say: Testimonial

"In terms of character, Claire is a person of the highest integrity and loyalty. She is utterly trustworthy and professional in all that she does, but also has a keen sense of humour which endears her to colleagues.

For all the time that I have known her she has been highly respected throughout the organisation - and consequently has the ability to influence at all levels. 

She has a broad aptitude and can operate effectively in both strategic and operational roles. Whilst always fact based, she has a keen intuition and lots of experience and expertise in creative development.”

What people say: Testimonial

"I would assess Claire to be within the top 10% of any blue chip marketing organisation. She achieved strong results in new product development (including base business upgrades as well as line extensions), advertising, and people development. Her strength areas include strategic thinking, consumer insight, and teamwork."

What people say: Testimonials

"Claire has brought a lot to our project. She is very versatile with the ability to go from strategic questions to the implementation of marketing plans. As a person, it is a real pleasure to work with her: she is extremely committed and truly concerned by the brand success. While being always positive and kind, she advises and challenges smartly to make the right choices for the business.”

What people say: Testimonials
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